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N Solar UK Ltd's mission is to help deliver fresh drinking water in Nigeria by developing a desalination project that uses carbon neutral accelerated solar power technology. The company plans to bring together an international consortium to work States and Federal Government in a PPP structure.

The project envisages an array of desalination domes to be constructed close to the sea in Nigeria with infrastructure of water pipelines and improved service delivery to enable citizens living in areas to benefit from new supplies of potable fresh water. This in turn will support wider socio-economic interests of the Republic of Nigeria, whilst ensuring sustainability. The proposed project will help show the way forward for the benefit of our planet and generations to come.

The UK expertise in concentrated solar power technology developed at Cranfield University's Centre for Renewable Energy Systems. Cranfield has a long and positive track record in academic exchange with Nigerian Universities.

N Solar has a entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Al Furqan, an Abu Dhabi based financier and Master Developer. Al Furqan has itself links with major global Engineering Procurement Construction ("EPCs") companies such as DarGroup, Ilk Construction and Limak Holdings. The selected EPC will bring significant track record, and major construction project management capacity to the delivery.