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Alfurqan is a company that has members and shareholders that have international interest in many different groups and companies. The way Al Furqan develops is via special purpose vehicle for each venture it undertakes. It rings fences investment by the different vehicles. At this moment and time, the projects Alfurqan undertaking are in Iraq, China, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, India, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan etc. We have been active in many different companies since 1952. Our activities include property, farming, oil & gas, healthcare and construction. Our construction includes residential, offices, marina, retails, hotels and fuelling stations.

The special purpose vehicle usually has the one shareholder and a number of contracts for employees, partners and bonuses. The structures make this KYC extremely straight forward the responsibilities lies with the main member. The shareholder is Mr. Mahmood Ibrahim Aliessa and he has experience over 55 years in Property and Oil & Gas sector. His partner and Chairman of the Alfurqan is HH Abdulla Zayed Saqr Al Nayhan, who is also the member of the royal Abu Dhabi family and the member of the ruling family.

The Al Furqan organisation includes an in-house team, comprising investment senior advisers / direct partners, supported by a team in legal, tax, finance, structuring and administration. Alfurqan has partnership with a number of international Governments and companies like Pakistan Army, Dogus Group, ILK construction, Esta Group, Ant Yap (UK) Limited, EgeYapi and others.

Financial Support is offered by Curtis Banks Ltd, Credit Swiss Bank, Gate House Bank MLA Manager, Home Building Fund, UK Expo Government Guarantee Agency China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation amongst others. 


Dar Al-Handasah Consultants is a privately-owned international consulting company active in engineering, architecture, planning, environmental consulting, project and construction management, facilities management, and economics, founded in 1956.

Over the years, Dar has provided consultancy services to more than 950 clients in 60 countries and has handled over 4,000 projects involving a collective investment of over US$300 billion (construction costs for executed projects, excluding planning projects). With a permanent staff of 9,250 (including 6,300 professionally qualified engineers; architects; town planners; environmentalists; economists; finance, marketing and management specialists; quantity surveyors; and others) and over 4,000 successfully completed projects, Dar Al-Handasah does work in a wide range of engineering fields including major complex water infrastructure projects that would be undertaken as part of the proposed PPP.

DAR responsible for construction and engineering from the desalination plant to the end destination.


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Limak Construction, which was established in 1976, specialized in all infrastructure and superstructure projects including airports, ports, highways, dams, hydroelectric power plants, treatment plants, factories, industrial plants, food facilities, pipelines, multiple-use complex structures, hotel constructions and at the present time, together with the world’s leading construction companies, it ranks among the top 250 international construction companies in the (ENR) Engineering News-Record list.

The company has successfully completed many large, some EPC model projects before the anticipated date by combining its technical skills and years of experience with the conception of quality, speed, high technology, creativity and corporate responsibility.

Limak Construction has carried out important international airport projects in the aviation sector so far. Completed the first phase of construction of the İstanbul Airport Project in October 29, 2018 which is one of the largest infrastructure investments in Turkey and in the world by winning the tender together with its partners and concluding the agreement in 2014. The new terminal building and the additional buildings of İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, which have been designed with an environmentally friendly approach in a total indoor area of 500 thousand square meters and have received many awards including one of the safest buildings award in the world, were completed in 2009 in a record period of 18 months including the design-construction process, with values well above international norms. In 2013, the construction of Pristina Adem Jashari International Airport was completed which is the most technological, modern and environmentally friendly airport of the Balkans with a capacity of 5 million passengers. In Egypt, the Project of Cairo International Airport Terminal 2 financed by the World Bank was completed in 2016. The Project of International Blaise-Diagne Airport, which is located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, was undertaken in 2016 with a partner and constructed in 2017.

Limak Construction completed the Khabarovsk Airport Domestic Terminal in Russian Federation of which the construction was undertaken with Marashstroy in 2019, and delivered it to the state on August 20, 2019, and the airport came into service with full capacity on October 14, 2019.

Limak Construction concluded the agreement for the Project of Kuwait International Airport Terminal II, which has the highest contract price earned by a Turkish contracting company and is one of the most prestigious works in the world, and is of great importance for Kuwait and the construction process still continues. In addition, Chelyabinsk International Domestic Terminal Construction undertaken in Russian Federation together with Marashtroy continued in 2019.

To read Limak's 2019 Annual Report please click here


ILK is one of the most preferred EPC Contractors in Central Asia.

İlk Construction Trade, Inc. has been established to construct various superstructure, infrastructure, industrial and residential building projects in our home country Turkey and abroad. The first international office was established in Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan.

İlk Construction Trade, Inc. is now increasing its competitive strength in both national and international markets with its modern management concept, experienced and well qualified human resources.

As today’s world of construction is heading towards a more competitive direction, cost, time and quality of construction are more significant than ever. Therefore, to be well qualified and to have a long lasting vision, İlk Construction Trade, Inc. has improved its system, organizational structure, made more utilization of IT technology and modern management techniques.

İlk Construction Trade, Inc. has established long lasting relationships with its clients and suppliers based on professionalism and mutual trust.

Ilk works with many clients including:

Ilk Client logos

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Faithful+Gould provided professional consultancy services for Beckton Sewage Treatment Works (STW), the largest of its kind in Europe. It involves the extension and upgrading of Beckton STW to enable the site to treat 60% more sewage, allowing for a 10% population increase until 2021. Once complete, Thames Water will be able to fully treat increased flows during heavy rainfall, which currently discharge into the River Thames when the site becomes overloaded, to prevent streets and homes from flooding.

The role involved a full range of quantity surveying and project controls services and comprises of ten individual projects ranging in value from £1.1million to £220million. The major element is the new AMP4/5 extension works which are needed to meet enhanced environmental quality standards and the increasing population level within East London. We applied a full range of pre and post contract cost management, tender development, evaluations and award processes to ensure client governance throughout the project. We also provided cost estimation, value engineering and risk management services for the option evaluation and development of the main upgrade of works and main extension of works. The nine smaller projects have been completed, the main extension project is still under construction and is due to be completed in 2014.

International Projects

Faithful+Gould is providing cost and programme management services for the expansion of the King Abdulaziz International airport in Jeddah. The multi billion dollar project covers 15 km2 of land and comprises over 20 new building facilities.

Key features include:

A new 30 million passenger per annum terminal, with a built up area of 680,000 square meters, ranking amongst the top 10 worldwide in capacity and size. A high speed rail station and transportation centre to bring together passengers of trains, cars, buses and airplanes alike; the 12,000 m² station has six tracks and 450m long platforms. The transportation centre will also boast an aquarium. An air traffic control tower to be the world’s tallest at 136m.

A new mosque is being designed to house over 2,000 worshippers, an airport city comprising of a 5 star hotel, shops, offices and business centre. As well as the largest baggage handling system in the world.

The scale, complexity and urgency of this massive job demands a remarkable range of skills from across the group. Faithful+Gould is planning the control and co-ordination of multiple contractors moving 40,000 workers and 1000 deliveries, 10,000 m3 of concrete daily and 150 tower cranes onto the site at peak.

Working as an extension of the client’s team, we are responsible for construction planning and sequencing to ensure the project is delivered on time and to budget.

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Faithful & Gould monitoring services process -preliminary work on strategy

Identification of the correct delivery strategy underpins project success. With the right strategy from the outset, overall project delivery can be more effectively managed. Despite this, across the Middle East and Africa we see the use of off-the-shelf solutions with little or no tailoring between projects.

At Faithful+Gould we recognise that each project and client is unique, and necessitates a unique project delivery strategy. Very often we find that clients don’t know which questions to ask themselves at project outset. However, our team has the experience to work with clients from a very early stage, to identify the project parameters and determinants.

Typically, this early planning stage will take several weeks, during which we conduct a thorough review and analysis of the delivery options, eventually producing an optimum bespoke delivery strategy. Our experience shows that the earlier we’re involved, the more value we can add to the project.

We begin by obtaining a detailed understanding of our client’s requirements, structuring a clear brief that captures the project aims and objectives. We then take a detailed look at the following :

What are the client’s aspirations?

In terms of programme duration, what is realistic in this location and in the current market

What are the budgetary constraints?

What is the best way to design the project within budget from the outset, and ensure it stays within budget?

What is the client’s attitude towards risk?

What are the most cost-effective and operationally satisfactory options for allocation/mitigation of risks? 

Is the supply chain capable of delivering the project utilising the procurement strategy ? 

Does the supply chain have an appetite to deliver this project?

How can we incorporate best-practice supply chain relationship management?

We add further value by building on these fundamentals, using a best-practice matrix comparison of the different contracting options available, followed by a high-level analysis of why we’re recommending a particular strategy.

Gathering the above information gives us the best opportunity to identify the correct strategy for our clients. Our suggested delivery strategy will always consider what is in the client’s best interests. And when the delivery strategy is central, right from the start of the project, progress will be more effective, with project success more likely to follow.

Arcadis has a long and rich history, tracing its roots back to the Association for Wasteland Redevelopment in the Netherlands in 1888, whilst Hyder Consulting, which Arcadis acquired in 2014, can trace its history back to 1739. From our strong heritage, we have grown organically and through acquisition to be the leading Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. 

Company history 
1739  Hyder Consulting can trace its roots back to this date

1888  Arcadis founded in the Netherlands as the Association for Wasteland Redevelopment, promoting agricultural development of Dutch heather lands

1925  Ventures into rural development 

1959  Began export of water and infrastructure services to developing countries

1960  Branched into urban development

1974  Association (KNHM) and company (Heidemij – later Arcadis) are separated

1990  Start of European expansion strategy

1993  Merger with Geraghty & Miller brings US expansion and listing on NASDAQ

1995  Listed on Amsterdam Stock Exchange (now NYSE Euronext)

1997  Heidemij is renamed Arcadis

1999  Enters Brazilian market through acquisition of Logos

2007  Acquisition of RTKL brings high-quality architectural design in US, UK and Asia

2009  Acquisition of Malcolm Pirnie creates leading global position in water 

2011  Merger with EC Harris brings stronger position in UK and growth in Middle East and Asia

2012  Merger with Langdon & Seah creates leading position in cost and project management in Asia

2014  Acquisition of Hyder Consulting and Callison brings further strength to engineering and architecture

2017  Start of expansion of digital capabilities with acquisitions of E2 Manage Tech (2017), SEAMS (2018) and EAMS (2019)

To download their latest Annual Report please click here

Gardiner & Theobald is an independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment. We focus on minimising risk and creating opportunities to maximise the value of our clients’ developments and property assets.

Gardiner & Theobald's consultancy work includes the Tideway Project, constructing London’s super sewer to modernize the sewage network which is a key piece of infrastructure that makes London work. The tunnel will capture the flows of storm sewage from 34 sewer overflow points along the River Thames and will run approximately 25km through the heart of London, and up to 65m beneath the River Thames, broadly following the path of the river. This will be the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK water industry.The tunnel is being built from 24 construction sites along the River Thames and is due to go into operation in 2024.

The construction of the Lee Tunnel will help tackle the discharge of up to 16 million tonnes of untreated sewage which is discharged into the River Thames via Abbey Mills combined sewer overflow into the River Lee.

The works comprise a 7.2m internal diameter storage/transfer tunnel approximately 6.9km long from Abbey Mills Pumping Station to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works between 65m and 74m deep and initially included the construction of two 25m and one 20m internal diameter shafts and an off-line Tideway Pumping Station Shaft, which is 38m in diameter. Twin overflow culverts will be constructed out into the River at Beckton. The works also include all MEICA works required to intercept, control and pump out flow for treatment.

Subsequently an additional reception shaft and short connection tunnel to Lee Tunnel Shaft F was constructed at Abbey Mills. These works were undertaken on behalf of Tideway as the original proposal would have meant a prolonged shutdown of the Lee Tunnel which would be more expensive and contain more safety risks. Agreement for this was done in conjunction with Tideway and the industry regulator OFWAT.

This £160M major new facility will import and store biomass fuel (wood pellet) for onward tranfer to Drax Power Station.

Once completed the 11.5 acre facility will be a fully automated bulk-handling terminal and through its 100,000 tonne storage capacity will handle three million tonnes of fuel per year.

To read more about the Lee Tunnel project please click here

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