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World Changing Desalinator Dome to be Built

Lanik and Solar Water have signed an agreement to produce a breakthrough, innovative dome for the generation of fresh water in a carbon-neutral and completely sustainable manner, utilising the concentrating power of sunlight. 

Lanik will offer its engineering development, design and installation of the solar dome steel and glazing works. Such works are related to the structure and cladding placed above the ground floor of our desalinator dome.

Lanik CEO, Susana Lasa said: “It is a huge pleasure for Lanik to be part of this magnificent project together with Solar Water PLC. Our shared goal is nothing less than solving one of the greatest problems of our era: the shortage of freshwater. There is no stronger motivation than this to collaborate in the development of cutting-edge Solar Water Plc Domes. Environmental care has been and will be, even more, the main value of our corporation.”

Solar Water Plc’s CEO, David Reavley said: “Solar Water Plc is committed to solve one of the world’s biggest problem – shortage of fresh water. In Lanik we have found a partner who has a strong vision of what the new future looks like in harmony with nature. Our game changing desalination technology is 100 % carbon neutral and entirely sustainable, we look forward to a greater involvement with Lanik and its people”.