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Solar Water technology generates unlimited fresh water through an innovative, carbon neutral and completely sustainable technology. Unlike current desalination solutions it does not rely on any fossil fuels or harm ocean life by dumping salt back into the sea. 

Desalination facilities based on technology that mirrors the natural hydrological cycle process: evaporation, condensation and precipitation, with only the sun as the energy source.

The technology involves a dome – a hydrological sphere – constructed from glass and steel into which sea water flows. The energy generated to super heat the continuous inflow of water and to create a constant water cycle within the dome – the equivalent of up to 20,000 suns – produced by focusing concentrating solar radiation, from a large number of parabolic mirrors (heliostats) surrounding the domes, onto the glass and super conductive steel frame structure. Through this process, the sea water evaporates, condenses and is precipitated as fresh water. The brine gathers at the bottom of the dome’s basin, is extracted and sold commercially.

In a Solar WaterTM installation, freshwater will be generated from the evaporation of a constant inflow of seawater fed into a large scale geodesic dome steel and glass structure (in various diameters from 20m to 120m).

The water is then heated using energy produced by solar radiation enhanced by the use of solar energy mirrors (heliostats) reflecting sunlight continuously onto the dome throughout the day.

The resulting fresh water can then be used for irrigation, industrial or general household purposes, and can undergo secondary treatment as necessary for drinking water.

  • Intake subsystem
  • Freshwater production subsystem
  • Freshwater supply subsystem
  • Salt/Brine removal subsystem.

towersThe Project aims at meeting long term water requirements of Nigeria and upon its completion, water will be carried via 72 inch 2x267,5 km steel pipelines throughout Nigeria. The scope of the Project includes pipe coating, installation, line valve stations and other engineering structures as well as access roads, pipeline tests and start up of the system. 

Solar panels on the roof of our towers (40 meters off ground level) will provide energy to pump fresh water and raise to the reservoir level within the tower. Narrow outflow pipes at appropriate pressure deliver water to the existing grid, standby pipes, hospitals, schools and local industries.

There is the opportunity to create towers that are sympathetic to the local environment and architecture.